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Na této stránce jsou připravené ceny mezinárodních zásilek. Pro objednávky z ČR a Slovenska využijte stránku Obchod.
This page is now designed only for international orders. For orders from CZ/SK regions, please use shipping prices and details on separate page Obchod.

How to order?
Ordering is simple - send us e-mail or call +420 602 349970 (10:00 - 22:00 daily). Specify what do you want to order and quantity and think how do you want to pay and how to ship your order then.
How to pay?
Payment is possible using five options listed on the bottom of this page. Easy and least problematic for us is prepayment via bank to bank transfer listed as option 3). If you want to pay by card, we can use services of moneybookers.com described below in detail. Payment via PayPal is not possible (Czech Republic is not supported by PayPal).
How to ship?
Shipment is possible by priority package mail service of Czech post. We think, is useless to use a bit cheaper but way less secure and much slower second class international mail. Delievery using priority mail is typically in less then one week time at Europe and shipments are registered, so tracking of lost package is possible. Shipment by courier is of coarse possible as well, if you are prepared to pay crazy prices of DHL, Fedex or UPS. Even cost effective courier service of EMS (not available to all countries) is quite expensive in case of large envelopes like calendar, but may be good option in case of DVD only. We can help you with best option in your case - just call or e-mail.


DVD Morocco 2004 ENGLISH V/O

 We have available right now DVD in PAL format with two hours documentary from the Morocco ride.
DVD offers chapter titles, graphics maps and 7 minutes animated photogallery with Gnaoua music. Region free, original audio (DD stereo).

English voiceover version (UMD-04-003ENG) or Czech original version (just specify when ordering)
Cost: 7 euro + shipping

Shipping cost (priority post package).
Europe:  - 4 euro
anywhere else: 7 euro
Note: In the cost of shipping calendar is possible to send also one DVD for free. If you want to buy calendar + DVD combo, calculate only shipping cost of the calendar.

DVD english

Orders by e-mail or by phone +420 777 135878  (daily 11:00 - 22:00.)
Payment - see bottom of the page....


Wall calendar Morocco (permanent)

Delievery from NOW! On stock - any quantity.
Wall calendar in full color, size 330 x 480 mm (almost B3).
Title page, 12 calendar pages + describtion page with Czech and English text. Print on glossy paper with full page varnish, wire binding. Heavy paper base sheet is extended by about 2.5cm under pages, so you can easy imprint your company advertising and use it as company or shop gift etc. Calendar is permanent, so you can use it any year

price is 7 euro + shipping (price is sponsored)
We also offer special discounts for shops and companies with larger orders. Ask for details..


Click on image to see it larger.

Shipping cost (priority post package, hard envelope).
UK, France, most of Benelux etc  - 13 euro (1pcs), 15 euro (2-3pcs)
Germany, Spain, USA - 15 euro (1pcs), 16 euro (2-3pcs)
Note: In the cost of shipping calendar is possible to send also one DVD for free. If you want to buy calendar + DVD combo, calculate only shipping cost of the calendar.

Orders by e-mail
or by phone +420 602 349970  (daily 11:00 - 22:00.)
Payment - see bottom of this page....

kalendar14-300 kalendar03-300


1) Pay with moneybookers.com!
We are very happy to offer you a new and simple way to pay:
Step 1: Open your free moneybookers.com account – all you require is an email address
Step 2: Upload funds to your account via bank transfer, credit card or cheque.
Note: If you have GPB account only, calculate correct amount of pounds from the euro cost below and transfer it in any currency. It does not matter. Rate between euro and GBP is about 10euro = 7GBP.
Step 3: Simply send the required amount to our email account: wildstar@wildstar.cz


As soon as we receive the payment note in our moneybookers.com account, we will ship the goods to you by first class post service. Our experience is that shipping around Europe is in  less then 5 working days.
if you want to order and pay right now, use any prepared buttons described below:

2) Pay by bank transfer (bank to bank)
Required details:
Account (IBAN): CZ3155000000000218038001
Name and surname: Tomas Kocanda
Bank details: Raiffeisenbank a.s., Hvezdova 1617,  Praha 4, 140 78,  Czech Republic
Please note, that every bank need to specify, who will pay transfer expenses - if you will specify that the expenses will cover receiver, I will not get full amount of money, but for example 10 euro less. So ask how much is the expense (every bank is different) or specify that you will pay expenses, so I will get full and correct amount of money!
When you will pay us by bank transfer, e-mail please your bank account number to identify your payment and also your shipping adresse. Bank transfers may take 2-3 days at Europe. We will ship it the same day as we will get note from the bank system about registration of your payment.

3) Buying at Prague
If you are at Prague on business or weekend visit , you can easy buy it in several moto-shops or even at our company directly. Do you have friend visiting Prague? Use him as courier to bring it back to you...
 E-mail or call us for details. This way you will save some euro for shipping...
e-mail or phone +420 602 349970  (daily 11:00 - 22:00.)

4) Sending cash by post
It´s definitelly not secure and not good option, but in special situations it may be only way, how to do it.
So, if you want, send me first e-mail and I will let you know adresse and details, how to do it. But it´s really extreme case as is not very easy to track lost mail (even first class mail) and sending it by courier mail is more expensive then the shipment value itself...
e-mail or phone +420 602 349970  (daily 11:00 - 22:00.)

We are not able to setup account with PayPal right now as they does not offer service for all european countries and our business is registered in Czech Rep., where we also have bank account etc. PayPal is useless in this case.
There is many other services like moneybookers.com, for example nochex.com, planetpayment and many others. But they offer services only for limited regions (UK only) or ask for crazy setup and maintenance fees, what are higher then possible income from the sales of our products. So, if you know about any good service, what may be better to offer, let us know.